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TITLE 2015 University Admissions Seminar for Parents
DATE 2014-12-29 HITS 2

2015 University Admissions Seminar for Parents

S.M.O.E will provide essential information on admissions

On December 4, Thursday, Seoul Education Research and Information Institute, a subsidiary of S.M.O.E, held '2015 University Admissions Preparation Seminar for Parents' at Kyung Hee University, which was attended by 4,500 parents.

A higher education guidance counseling expert employed at S.M.O.E gave a 3-part special lecture providing the necessary information in detail for the 2015 university admissions process as the focus of the day's event was about understanding and analyzing the 2015 university admissions.

The attendees of the seminar received a booklet about understanding and creating strategies for the 2015 university admissions which was produced by 100 teachers in the higher education guidance counsel department of S.M.O.E, along with a guideline of admissions.

The guideline is comprised of the scoring methods of 100 4-year national and public universities in Seoul and provincial vicinities, which are organized in a way that's easy to read. It is expected to be of great assistance to the students in selecting appropriate universities after comparing the different admissions procedures of the universities.

At the event, starting at 12, admissions faculty from about 60 universities in the Seoul area settled down in booths provided by S.M.O.E to hand out guidelines about their admissions processes, in addition to answering questions.

The Seoul Education Research and Information Institute plans on providing these resources to 16 Offices of Education of other vicinities in hopes that students and parents around the nation will be able to utilize them effectively.

The Institute expects a stronger trust in public education will be formed in students and parents as a result of the '2015 University Admissions Preparation Seminar'.