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TITLE Vocational High School Admissions Deadline Reached
DATE 2014-12-23 HITS 0

Vocational High School Admissions Deadline Reached

December 2nd, Tuesday, marked the deadline for admissions applications to vocational high schools for the 2015 school year.

The acceptance rate of the vocational high schools in Seoul, with the exception of the 3 Maestro high schools, was 1.07:1, as 17,634 applied for the 16,528 spots available. It shows the fervor of vocational high school admissions as the acceptance rate isn't much different from last year's acceptance rate of 1.08:1 despite the decrease of over 3,600 9th grade students. From looking at the applications, it seemed as if many students chose areas suited to their skills and aptitudes.

Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (S.M.O.E) presumes that the shift of the perception of vocational high schools occurred with the placement of guidance counselors in middle schools, which started in 2012, and the change of the parents' outlook on their children's future career path. It could be said that the increase of universities implementing the 'work first, study later' system and the multi-platform marketing efforts of S.M.O.E for 'simultaneous work-study', the model for vocational high schoolers' career path, led to bringing out the change in the demands of parents and students.

Since S.M.O.E started spreading the vision of vocational and career education, 'Time for high school grads to shine', much attention from the public has been received. For 2016, S.M.O.E plans to implement an admissions process called 'future talents of vocational high schools' which will allow students possessing skills, aptitude and expertise to enroll in vocational high schools regardless of grades.

The results of the students accepted to the vocational high schools will be announced on December 4th, Thursday.