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TITLE SMOE signs MOU with Transparency International - Korea
DATE 2014-12-08 HITS 12

SMOE signs MOU with Transparency International - Korea

for a transparent culture & active public disclosure

The 'MOU for the transparency of Seoul Education and the promotion of public disclosure' was signed between Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (Superintendent Cho Hiyeon) and Transparency International-Korea (Chairman by proxy Moon Hongju) on November 12th at 3:30 pm in Room 201 of the S.M.O.E headquarter.

The objectives of this MOU lies in strengthening the transparency of Seoul Education, protecting public informants and promoting public disclosure. Thus, Superintendent Cho and Chairman Moon Hongju attended, along with members of both organizations.

Both parties agreed on the following: to collaborate in building a system of transparency for Seoul Education to collaborate and support the transparent education of S.M.O.E to launch a wide marketing campaign in promoting regulations protecting public informants to share information to prevent infringement upon the public to collaborate in pursuing a clear, anti-corruption society of a transparent organization.

Following the signing of the MOU, a sign stating "S.M.O.E is making a great effort with Transparency International - Korea to obtain transparency and stimulate public disclosure" was hung on the first floor lobby of the S.M.O.E building, letting the public know of S.M.O.E's determination in strengthening the transparency and promoting public disclosure.