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TITLE SMOE's Stance on Abolishment of Private-Autonomous High School Annulment
DATE 2014-12-05 HITS 11

SMOE's Stance on Abolishment of Private-Autonomous High School Annulment


On November 18, Ministry of Education, hereinafter called MOE, absolved the annulment of the six private autonomous high schools, hereinafter called PA high schools, (Kyunghee High, Baejae High, Sehwa High, Wooshin High, Ewha High and Joongang High) selected by SMOE.

The following is the stance of SMOE on the 'eradication of one's power' which paralyzes not only the rights of the Superintendent of Seoul but also the rules of a self-governing education. MOE has opposed SMOE regarding this matter because, throughout this ordeal, MOE couldn't accept the evaluation of PA high school operations conducted by SMOE and the results, in addition to the rights the Superintendent is authorized to hold.

Upon learning of the motion taken by MOE, one cannot help but ask if MOE serves only the PA high schools or the entire public education in which those schools fall under. Throughout the entire process, SMOE has been asking for a negotiation with MOE, but MOE has declined constantly.

We would like to inquire MOE of one matter. Even if there are differences in opinion on the matter of those schools, do they believe that having 25 schools in Seoul which holds a monopoly on the pool of outstanding students while operating in a vertical organizational structure, thus contributing to the weakening of the educational environment of general high schools, is really positive? Is it desirable for Seoul Education to have such schools in great quantities?

Up to this point, MOE can think differently from SMOE. Then, what do they think about SMOE's efforts this year in carrying out the same admissions revision attempted by MOE back in 2013, which entailed changing the admissions process to a lottery-based system just like the general high schools.

We are greatly saddened and disappointed to discover that the administration of MOE is only semi-educational when it comes to the PA high schools.

Therefore, SMOE has decided to handle this matter legally, following the submission period of the PA high schools.

Despite the efforts of SMOE in trying to reform the policies concerning PA high schools, SMOE has tried to not affect the admissions process artificially. That's why SMOE pushed back the PA high school policy modification to the year 2016.

Since the range of applicants to PA high schools, from 2014 to 2015, expanded from the top 50% ranking students to 100% of student body, there's no striking issue at hand. However, in order to prevent any artificial negative influences, a 'litigation for confirmation of nullity' will be submitted, and claiming an 'adjudication on competence disputes' between the Superintendent and Deputy Minister of Education at the Constitutional Court is under consideration.