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TITLE Superintendent Cho's Proposal for Autonomy & Health of Students
DATE 2014-12-05 HITS 2

Superintedent Cho's Proposal for

Autonomy & Health of Students

In light of Student Independence Movement Memorial Day

The Superintendent announced his proposal for the autonomy and health of Seoul students around November 3rd, Memorial Day of Student Independence Movement. Schools will follow the proposal and enact it through ample amount of discussion and cooperation with the members of each school.

Elem & middle school students: Start debate on starting school at 9 am

A big debate will be held so that schools can voluntarily delay the time school starts to 9 am, on the basis of the talks shared by the members of the school boards in regards to the starting time of all schools (elem-high) in Seoul starting in 2015.

Hopefully, this will contribute to students fostering healthy lifestyle habits, in addition to improving the efficiency of their studies as a result of getting enough sleep and rest physically required during adolescence.

Elementary Schools

1. No more parent's HW (aka mom's HW) for 1st & 2nd grade

By getting rid of burdening homework for the 1st & 2nd grade, which is the prime development stage as well as the adjustment period for students, self-driven and creative study habits can be attained. After the dissolving of homework assignments requiring parent assistance, also known as mom's homework, the load of homework for elementary school students will gradually diminish.

2. Allot 20-30 minutes to recess

Playing is also learning. Because our students lack exposure to education through playtime, we want to set aside 20-30 minutes for them to safely enjoy a self-directed and creative recess period.

3. Get rid of shoe pouches

Everyday, 77.2% of Seoul elementary students go to school while carrying their classroom slippers in shoe pouches. As a result, complaints of discomfort and issues of sanitation are rising. We will provide a way for them to leave their slippers at school. They will not have to carry their shoe pouches if that is possible at their school. We plan on providing financial support for the schools so that they can purchase the necessary supplies.

Secondary Schools

1. Support the ideas of students

Starting in the 2015 school year, the principals of schools will give official feedbacks regarding the opinions raised in student council meetings, and when planning the budget for student government, we will apply the views risen at student council and affirm students the right to enforce it. Also, we strongly promote students to observe the council meetings on school operations and for the school principal and student council representatives to meet and greet. Thus, [student participatory budgeting system] will be put into place to provide an appropriate budget corresponding to the students' ideas.

2. Operate a counseling center specializing in addiction

We will specialize existing Wee Centers to operate [Addiction Counseling Centers] so that we can provide professional counseling to the increasing number of students addicted to games and drugs, leading to a healthier life for our youth.

3. Respect the rights of students at school entrance

Schools will move away from the 'student inspection at the entrance', which infringes the students' right to free expression, and into having a 'greeting at the entrance' unique to each school. This change will be the first step towards creating a happy school life. Furthermore, members of school faculty are collecting ideas and discussing with students on how to break away from various regulations in order to form an enjoyable and happy school life for the students.

We expect schools to conduct studies and execute trials in various formats in order to fulfil the aforementioned seven ideas suggested by the Superintendent. We, at S.M.O.E, vigorously support the efforts of the schools and will thus cooperate, in hopes of our students developing into healthy, energetic and participative democratic citizens.