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TITLE Teachers, freed from burden of paperwork!
DATE 2015-01-05 HITS 17

Teachers, freed from the burden of paperwork!

Paperwork reduction to normalize tasks

 Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (Superintendent Cho Hiyeon) announced on December 5, Friday, the 'Plan to decrease official paperwork for the normalization of tasks of teachers' in an attempt to allow teachers to focus on educational activities at school.

The following initiatives serve to normalize the duties of the teachers and alleviate the burden of handling paperwork:

  • 'system for supervising official documents'
  • 'system for reporting inconvenient official documents'
  • 'improve method of handling documents and the capabilities of the online task management system'

It is expected for the amount of official S.M.O.E paperwork to decrease by 35% next year.

fall by 35% in 2015, decrease by 5% every year 2016 ~ 2018

- cut 15%: improve handling ‘documents from external organizations'

- cut 18%: use the message board to share announcements

- cut 2%: actively use the document database

Current Status of Registered S.M.O.E Official Paperwork




Goal for 2015



By Dec.

# of Registered Docs





includes docs from all schools


S.M.O.E plans to implement a 'supervising official documents system' and a 'reporting inconvenient documents system' to adamantly limit the amount of paperwork so that unnecessary documents and paperwork causing inconvenience won't be sent to schools.


‘system of supervising official documents’

The Director of General Affairs is in charge of supervising the management of documents, which includes limiting the amount of files sent to schools through monitoring official documents sent and reviewing the content of the documents, type, method, etc.


‘system of reporting inconvenient documents’

This will allow people to report incomprehensible documents, repetitive document requests, and other types of documents that increase the amount of workload for schools, ultimately improving the system.


Every Wednesday will be 'a day without official documents', in which sending official documents will be prohibited, so that teachers will have at least one day to focus on pedagogy development instead of having to handle paperwork, thereby increasing the efficiency of conducting work.

On top of that, S.M.O.E is looking into revising the method of handling documents, utilizing the comprehensive message board, giving presentations on the current status of decrease in official documents, and implementing a system to monitor the reduction of official paperwork. In addition, 1,400 people in charge of official documents in their respective institution will be given training on file management across 54 sessions by December 12.

According to S.M.O.E, "the reduction of official paperwork will not be a one-time thing. Instead, we [S.M.O.E] will strive to make it a part of practice so that the teachers can focus on teaching."