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TITLE Applicants to Late Admissions High Schools
DATE 2015-01-02 HITS 14

Applicants to Late Admissions High Schools



2015 School Year

Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (Superintendent Cho Hiyeon) accepted applications to late admissions high schools for the 2015 school year from December 16 (Tues) to December 18 (Thurs) via middle schools and district education offices.

A total number of 69,332 students applied to the schools, a decrease of 3,854 students from the 2014 admissions, which is thought to be a result of fewer 9th grade students due to the low birth rate.

The following is the breakdown of applications by type: normal admissions (68,260), student athlete (766), veteran (120), special admissions (115), and physically handicapped (71). Students who submitted veteran and physically handicapped admissions were accepted or denied based on percentile rank just as normal applicants, while percentile rank was not a factor for those who submitted applications as student athletes and special admissions.

Students accepted will be announced on December 31 (Wed) by S.M.O.E, and the final result of school placements will be announced on February 6 (Fri) through the middle schools.