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Interview with Superintendent
TITLE Transforming perceptions about Educational Welfare
WRITE Justin Song DATE 2014-03-21 HITS 1278

The Seoul Metropolitan office of Education (Superintendent Moon Yonglin) held a special lecture regarding Educational Welfare for 353 principals on March 13th (Thurs) in the 11th floor auditorium of the SMOE.


The focus of the workshop was to emphasis educational welfare to promote happy education in schools. Professors, principals with extensive experience, and specialists of educational welfare came together to speak to the group of principals to help transform the perceptions regarding educational welfare. As the principals are the leaders of their school, its important that they understand the importance of educational welfare.


Superintendent Moon stated, "Our Office of Education strives to help each and every student cultivate their dreams and talents through happy education, and we will never leave vulnerable students in the shade. Therefore, to ensure that we are able to realize these visions, 353 schools in vulnerable areas will be designated as Educational welfare special support schools, to help mitigate the educational and cultural gaps of the students from low-income families of the area"


He also emphasized, "in order to provide educational equality to all our students, we must eliminate educational alienation, and strengthen support as well as policies for educational welfare".


Lastly, "It is my hope that the Educational Welfare Special Support Schools will help transform the perceptions about educational welfare, and that you will approach the students, and their educational welfare with love".


The Educational Welfare Special Support policies are to help mitigate educational gap and to provide educational opportunities for students of low-income households, and to help transform the mentality of the school staff involved.


SMOE believes that this workshop will help transform the school principals perception towards educational welfare, and with their leadership, can offer Total Care to the students, ensuring that every student can cultivate their dreams and talents to realize Seoul Happy Education.


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