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Interview with Superintendent
TITLE Reliving the 2002 World Cup, Korea-Turkey High School Soccer Match
WRITE Justin Song DATE 2014-03-21 HITS 1260

On March 5th (Wed), 16:00, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (Superintendent Moon Yonglin) hosted a friendly exhibition match between Korea and Turkey at the Seoul Mokdong Stadium.


In order to expand cooperations between the two cities, Seoul and Turkey have been cooperating on the 'Korea-Turkey High School Soccer Match' since last september.


This event marks the first collaboration between Seoul and Istanbul, and as such SMOE invited the Istanbul Office of Education to Korea.


Despite the cool weather, the stadium was filled with spectators. Superintendent Moon stated, "Today's match will serve as a great way to instil a sense of friendship between our students and our cities. I hope each and every student will take with them, the eternal friendship that Turkey and Korea share. Thank you to all the friends and guests who are here with us today. I hope today will be a beautiful memory for the students".


Following the match, the players from both countries came together in a spirit of friendship that reflected the 2002 World Cup Match between Turkey and Korea.


Other activities of the day included Fan dance (Seoul Global High School), Marching Band (Yeomkwang Girls Media-tech High School), Mask dance (Seoul Jeongok Elementary), as well as a cheerleading competition. With all the bustle and student involvement, the stadium became a festival.


SMOE will continue to expand cooperations with Istanbul, and hopes that this match will further promote sports and physical education for the students.

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