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Interview with Superintendent
TITLE Reading campaign to commemorate Patriot Ahn Jung Geun
WRITE Justin Song DATE 2014-03-03 HITS 1163

To commemorate the anniversary of the execution of Patriot Ahn Jung-Geun (1910. 02. 14), the Seoul Metropolitan office of Education (Superintendent Moon Yonglin) and the Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea (Director Lee Jae Ho) will hold a reading campaign from Feb. 13 ~ 14th.


At 3:30 PM, Feb. 13th, students and parents volunteers will hand out badges and pins depicting the hand-print of Patriot Ahn, to citizens and foreigners alike to help spread awareness and commemorate his death.


Following, on the anniversary of his death, all members of the Seoul Education Family will wear the badge in honor of Patriot Ahn.


Additionally, during the graduation ceremony at Seoul Seo-ee Elementary, all students and parents will also wear the badge to commemorate the day.


Although Feb.14th is marked internationally as Valentines Day, it is the hope and the primary objective of the campaign to increase awareness regarding Patriot Ahn and his untimely death.


Patriot Ahn was renowned for his love of literature, stating 'a day without reading leaves a thorn in my mouth' and was an advocate of literature as much as he was for independence.


Additionally, it is important to raise awareness regarding the true nature of Patriot Ahn and his actions, as recent policies from Japan have attempted to portray him as a terrorist. This campaign will be important towards promoting the true nature of history as well as promoting reading.

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