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Interview with Superintendent
TITLE Beautiful finish, and new challenges! Yeonseo Middle School Graduation Celebration
WRITE Justin Song DATE 2014-02-18 HITS 1154
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On Feb. 10th, Superintendent Moon Yonglin paid a visit to Yeonseo Middle School, located in Eunpyeong-gu, to give his congratulations to the graduating class.


As the students wrapped up their middle school years with congratulations from parents, teachers, and peers, one could feel the excitement of new challenges that lie ahead.


Superintendent Moon spoke to the students; "Congratulations to the graduating class! Now and then, we hear about actions such as throwing flour, or other violent wrap-up activities, and are working to prevent that. Let's not ruin this special day with childlike behaviors such as those. Instead, lets remember this day as a celebration of all your achievements", and added, "The graduation I witnessed today was charged with hope for the future. I hope that when you are my age, and you look back on today - you'll remember it with pride".


with the upcoming graduation season, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is working to ensure that all graduations are free of violence, and instead, a place of sharing, communication, participation, and celebration.


Additionally, thanks to the support of C&M company, new instruments and music are available for students to perform their graduation song 'For a beautiful tomorrow' without any limitations.


Lastly, to ensure a happy, and healthy graduation, the Seoul Metropolitan office of Education will cooperate with local police, district offices, and community members to ensure that the areas around the schools remain safe for the graduation celebrations.

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