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Interview with Superintendent
TITLE Observing the SMART Education Experience Center
WRITE Justin Song DATE 2014-01-21 HITS 1080

Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education's Superintendent Moon Yonglin visited the Seoul Teaching & Learning Support Center during the morning of January 14th to take part in the Seoul SMART education experience demonstration lessons.
The classes were divided into elementary and secondary, and students were immersed into the curriculum via the SMART environment and the accumulated data from the students' work was taken and assessed thereby removing the need for test-based assessments.
The Superintendent noted, "Children are able to research, analyze, and create data in a SMART environment. This allows for the teachers to implement diverse teaching and assessment strategies", and added, "today's class was truly just that, SMART. It won't be long before the classroom as we know it today is revamped through a new educational revolution ushering a new educational paradigm. We've still got a way's to go, but the path is clear".

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