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Interview with Superintendent
TITLE Aha! I feel more confident studying! Encouraging visit to the "Winter Academics Camp"
WRITE Justin Song DATE 2014-01-21 HITS 1189
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During the morning of January 16th, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education's Superintendent Moon Yonglin paid a visit to the Seongbuk District Office of Education where the Winter Academics Camp was underway, to examine the camp, as well as pay his respects to the students and staff involved in the Camp.
The Winter Academics Camp is being offered simultaneously by all 11 District Offices of Education throughout Seoul, and will offer workshops such as 'strengthening motivation for studying', 'improving study habits', and 'fulfilling learning strategies' to help bolster students' academic ability as well as their interest and self-confidence.
This year's Camp is a follow-up to the success of the pilot 'Summer Academics Camp' which was offered last summer for 1,765 students from Grade 4~8, which boasted a positive 91.1% and 92.8% rating from students and parents respectively.
A grade 7 student from Yongma Middle School noted, "Thanks to the Academics Camp, I was able to where my dreams are, and with the study habits I learned from the Seoul National University of Education's Brain-Up Research Center, I was able to categorize by studies by subject specialization and my finals mark went up on by 10 points on average compared to my first semester".
Also, a grade 7 student from Bonglim Middle School mentioned, "A mentor from God of Study helped me establish effective study habits and learning strategies, and thanks to the workshops on focused studying, my finals improved 11 points on average compared to last semester. The best part about the academic camp was that it helped me focus in class during the lectures".
As for Seongbuk District Office of Education, their Winter Academics Camp will take place at Kookmin University, and will focus on promoting effective learning strategies for students. By examining various diagnosis of different types and patterns of study habits, the Camp will provide workshops on learning strategies, character education, leadership workshops for students' and teachers' alike, as well as counselors for parents, all aimed at helping identify factors for academic gap and mitigating the resulting frustrations and hardships.
The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education will continue to promote programs to help mitigate educational gaps for students, and further support the development of effective studying habits to help students realize a happy education which cultivates the dreams and talents of every student.

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