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Interview with Superintendent
TITLE “Dont worry about school meal ingredients" Signing of MoU with Duksung Women's University
WRITE Justin Song DATE 2014-01-16 HITS 1178

In order to develop a safety net regarding ingredients for school meals, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (Superintendent Moon Yonglin) and Duksung Women's University (President Hong Seungyong) signed a MoU on at 3PM, January 8th (Wed).
Through the MoU, an in-depth safety inspection for pesticide residues of all ingredients will be conducted, in order to reassure the students, parents, and citizens regarding the quality of ingredients used in school meals.
With the growing interest in student nutrition, as well as the resulting desire for transparency, both institutions agree that the guarantee of ingredient quality is of utmost importance, and thus have agreed on the aforementioned MoU. As per the MoU, Duksung Women's University will help conduct safety inspections on ingredients to mitigate pesticide residues and to ensure the quality of the foods, as well as provide informations regarding preventive measures towards pesticides effects to individual schools and parents, to help alleviate worries regarding school meals.
Both institutions expect the satisfaction regarding school meals to increase following the MoU and its safety inspections.

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