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SMOE - Northeastern Asian History Foundation signing of MOU

Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education 2012. 10. 30 (Tues) 15:00   Vice-superintendent Lee was present for the MoU signing...

2012-11-06ㅣ 986


Acting-Superintendent Vice-Superintendent Lee Dae Yeong reads to Elementary stud...

Seoul Ah-hyeon dong Soui Elementary School 2012. 10. 09 (Tues) 09:30   In the spirit of `2012 Korea, the era of reading`, ...

2012-10-15ㅣ 858


MBN News Interview with Cha Min-Ah reporter

Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education 2012.10.02 (Tuesday) 16:00   The Acting-Superintendent, Vice-Superintendent Lee Dae...

2012-10-05ㅣ 931


SMOE attends the Opening Ceremony for the Employment Support Center

Seoul Seongdong Technical High School 2012. 09. 12 (Wed) 15:00 Superintendent Kwak Nohyun attended the opening ceremony for the E...

2012-09-21ㅣ 964


National Assembly Chairman of MEST committee hosts conference, invites all super...

National Assembly 2012. 09. 07 (Fri) 11:30 Superintendent Kwak Nohyun - along with superintendents from all provinces & metro...

2012-09-20ㅣ 951

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The 14th Annual Seoul International Youth Film Festival

[Seoul An-am Dong, Arirang Cine & Media Center 2012. 08.27 (Mon) 17:00] The Superintendent, Kwak Nohyun visited the Arirang C...

2012-09-07ㅣ 1034


Guest Appearance on the social broadcast

[WikiTree 2012.07.26 (Thurs) 14:00] Superintendent Kwak Nohyun made a guest appearance with a member of the Creative Korea Party ...

2012-08-07ㅣ 849

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Visiting the 2012 Yeosu Expo

<2012 Yeosu Expo 2012. 07. 13 (Fri) 17:00> Superintendent Kwak Nohyun visited the site of the 2012 Yeosu Expo, and together...

2012-07-27ㅣ 1031


Visiting Sungok Elementary, an Integrated Education Focus School.

[Seoul, Sungok Elementary School, 2012. 07. 18 (Wed) 10:00] The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (Superintendent Kwak Noh...

2012-07-23ㅣ 1284


The 19th Seoul Education Policy Briefing

[The 19th Seoul Education Policy Briefing] Seoul, Yeuido Lexington Hotel 2012. 07. 06 (Friday) 07:30 The Superintendent Kwak Noh...

2012-07-10ㅣ 820

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