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Environment Golden-bell to celebrate Environment Day

To celebrate the 18th Environment Day, Superintendent Moon Yonglin took part in the Environment Golden-bell festival, a festival j...

2013-06-21ㅣ 809

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MoU with the Korea National University of Education

In order to help promote smart education exchanges and cooperations, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education`s Superintendent M...

2013-06-17ㅣ 903

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58th Memorial Day Anniversary. Paying Respects to the student volunteer soldiers

Superintendent Moon Yonglin, along with the vice-superintendent and various officials of the SMOE visited the National Memorial Bo...

2013-06-17ㅣ 818

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Female Principal workshop to realize Happy Education in Elementary

Superintendent Moon Yonglin held a workshop titled `Helping every student develop their dreams and talents with Seoul Happy Educat...

2013-06-07ㅣ 939

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All-around Champions of the National Youth Athletics Competition!

72 Gold, 49 Silver, and 59 Bronze, for a total of 180 medals earned.   During the afternoon of the 29th, Superintendent Mo...

2013-06-07ㅣ 846


Thank you to all our teachers - Successful hosting of Healing Concert at the Seo...

To celebrate Teacher`s Day, Superintendent Moon Yonglin held a `Happy Education Healing Concert` on May 14th, 8PM at the Seoul Art...

2013-05-27ㅣ 1038


Father`s coming together for a Happy Child - Workshop on Children for Dads.

Superintendent Moon held a special lecture during the evening of the 22nd at the Memorial Hall of Jinseon Girl`s High School aimed...

2013-05-27ㅣ 942


For Health and Victory - Inaugural Meeting of Seoul representative Athelets for ...

Superintendent Moon Yonglin, along with the directors from the 13 District Office of Education in Seoul, were all present at inaug...

2013-05-14ㅣ 877


Carnations and music festival to celebrate Parents` Day

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Moon Yonglin held a `carnations and music festival` on May 8th at the Se...

2013-05-14ㅣ 882


Happy communications for parents and students `2013 Parent Festival`

On the morning of the 26th, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Moon Yong Lin gave a special lecture on `Hap...

2013-04-30ㅣ 938

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