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SMOE opens the `Happily Loving Zone`

During the morning of the 7th, Superintendent Moon Yonglin joined in the celebration for the opening of the `Happily Loving Zone`,...

2013-08-12ㅣ 867

서초초등학교 0교시 아침운동 참석.jpg

Grades go up with exercise! Seocho Elementary`s `0 hour Morning Exercise`

On July 19th, Superintendent Moon visited the Seoul Seocho Elementary School to take part in their `o hour morning excercise`. The...

2013-07-29ㅣ 858

서울 학생 대표 39명과 교육감의 대화.jpg

Superintendent Moon meets the students, Dialogue Session with 39 Student Represe...

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education`s Superintendent Moon Yonglin held a dialogue session on July 22nd with 39 student repr...

2013-07-26ㅣ 922


Opening of the 2013 Seoul Happy Career and Vocational Expo

From July 11th ~ 13th, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education will hold the 2013 Seoul Happy Career and Vocational Expo at SET...

2013-07-16ㅣ 1014


Conference of national Superintendents

Superintendent Moon Yonglin set out for Busan`s Nurimaru APEC house to participate in the conference of national superintendents o...

2013-07-16ㅣ 770


Appointment and Training of the SMOE Community Involved Finance Advisory Committ...

39 representatives of various educational districts of Seoul from directors, city counselors, as well as members of NGO were appoi...

2013-07-09ㅣ 794

서울시의회 제247회 정례회 제4차 본회의.jpg

Seoul City Council 247th Meeting 4th Regular Session

June 28th saw the 247th Seoul City Council meeting, where the 4th Regular Session was undergoing its third day of administration e...

2013-07-09ㅣ 809


Books and Roses Festival - Happy Reading in Seongbuk

Seongbook District Office of Education (Director Kim Okjah) held the "2013 SeongBOOK Book and Roses Festival" at Seoul J...

2013-07-01ㅣ 819


Surprising Saturday, Seoul EXPO

Superintendent Moon Yonglin participated in the `Surprising Saturday Seoul EXPO` held on the 15th, at the Seoul Plaza.   ...

2013-07-01ㅣ 899


Superintendent presents commendation to `brave and considerate seoul students`

On the afternoon of June 13th, Superintendent Moon Yonglin invited 4 students of Daechi Middle School - gr. 9 students Kim Hyungsu...

2013-06-21ㅣ 845

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