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“Ask us anything about books" Opening of the Seoul Reading Education Support Ce...

In order to help promote the literary education of students, parents, and teachers alike, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Educati...

2014-01-16ㅣ 1010


2014 New Year Kick Off Ceremony

On the morning of January 2nd, Superintendent Moon Yonglin held a New Year Kick Off Ceremony with the staff of the Seoul Metropoli...

2014-01-10ㅣ 780


15 Minutes to change the world` A special lecture for the hearing impaired

We Hear Your Heartbeat   The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (Superintendent Moon Yonglin) together with the Sungbo...

2013-12-20ㅣ 915


SMOE End of Year Encouragement to Social Welfare Organizations

On December 12th (Thurs), the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education reached out to various social welfare organizations and facil...

2013-12-20ㅣ 776


Creating Happy Workplace with the 3rd National Business Competitive Exhibition

Taking place between Sept. 12(Thurs) to 14th (Fri) will be the 3rd National Business Competitive Exhibition. The exhibition will b...

2013-09-23ㅣ 944


Visit to Shinhyeon High School, a Physical Education Curriculum Focused School

As a part of his regular on-site visits, Superintendent Moon visited the Shinhyeon High School (under the Dongbu district office o...

2013-09-17ㅣ 944

달리는 기차 휴마트 인성.jpg

HuMart (Humanity + Smart) Character School via Rail

Superintendent Moon Yonglin participated as a surprise guest on the 22nd, as a part of the HuMart Character School taking place on...

2013-08-26ㅣ 972


Plaque Presentation Ceremony for Career Experience Volunteer Institutions

To further promote every students dream and talent, Superintendent Moon Yonglin held the presentation ceremony for the "Seoul...

2013-08-26ㅣ 831

제18회 서울어린이 한강혜엄쳐건너기행사.jpg

Opening of the 18th Seoul Youth Han-river Swim Crossing Festival

On August 13th, 483 Seoul elementary students, including 250 from Seoul Deoksoo Elementary and other Elementary Schools, descended...

2013-08-19ㅣ 1017

2013 썸머학습도움캠프.jpg

Fun, Sweet, Awesome, Flying towards my dreams! `2013 Summer Academic Aid Camp`

On August 8th, Superintendent Moon Yonglin visited the Seoul Younghee Elementary School to pay his respects to the university stud...

2013-08-12ㅣ 1028

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