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Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is launching a comprehensive English education project under the title:
‘SMILE’: School Managed Innovation of Learning English. The five year plan focuses on facilitating students’ English communication ability, strengthening teachers’ English ability and constructing an infrastructure of English education.

Most importantly, we intend to enhance the practical application of English education through shifting the emphasis from reading to speaking and learning everyday expressions. Furthermore, to reduce the disparity in English ability among students, we plan to operate special instructional classes for lower achievers and advanced classes for high achieving students.

Additionally, we are offering various types of intensive training courses to improve teachers’ instructional capacity and planning to place a native assistant English teacher and a professional conversation instructor in every primary and secondary schools by 2012.

We plan to expand English Only Classrooms to all schools by 2011 and provide learning services inside and outside of the classroom. We are also promoting various international exchange programs affiliated with English speaking countries to create maximum exposure to English language for our students.

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