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“In order to help facilitate the promotion and development of international collaborations between the Seoul Education System and international organizations from around the globe, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education provides this form as a means of mutual communications between interested parties. Organizations - Korean and International alike - interested in establishing sisterhood relationships in pursuit of mutual educational exchanges and collaboration are encouraged to post their organizations with information respective to interested areas of collaboration for interested parties to reply to.

All organizations are encouraged to be specific with regards to the nature of collaborations and/or exchanges, as well as provide a tentative size, duration, and frequency of aforementioned collaborations. Please note; the SMOE only provides this board as a means of communication, and is not involved in any administrative process for the establishment of sisterhood relationships between the mutual institutions. Each party uses this board under their own resolve, and is responsible for the accuracy of their respective information.”

  • Korean Organizations
  • Overseas Organiztions
  • Existing School Network
International Relations List
No Name of Organization Country/City Type of Organization Apply Date
27 google Thailand / Bangkok Middle School 2018-04-14
26 School Foundation, Johannes Gutenberg XIV Middle School with Bilingual Classes in Warsaw Poland / Warsaw Middle School 2016-04-14
25 jinsan elementary school china / null Elementary School 2015-07-07
24 The Sangjii-city Chosun Elementary School China Elementary School 2015-06-22
23 Private School Presbiteriano San Pablo Paraguay Elementary School 2015-06-04
22 Private School Tecnico Canaan Paraguay High School 2015-06-04
21 Private School Jardin De Dios Paraguay Middle School 2015-06-04
20 Private School Cristiano Arte Paraguay Middle School 2015-06-04
19 Private School Cristiano Canaan Paraguay High School 2015-06-04
18 Private School Cristiana Americana Paraguay Elementary School 2015-06-04


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