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Culture and arts education is known to inspire our youth to look at life in a positive way by helping them develop artistic sensibilities, creativity, self-motivation and self-confidence. Accordingly, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education has dispatched professional art instructors to 1,030 schools in an effort to improve the cultural and artistic sensibilities and creativity of students. As part of the school arts education invigoration project, we are now operating student orchestras in 90 schools, student musicals in 19 schools, art clubs in 65 schools, student theater groups and thespian clubs in 34 schools, and 4 “arts magnet schools.”

Also, with support from the Seoul Metropolitan government, we are carrying out cultural and arts education (musical instruments) projects in 61 middle schools every year. As the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is strongly encouraging schools to draw up and present a “one-school, one-art club” budget more actively, more than 90% of schools are now operating arts clubs.