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The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is providing experience-based education including field placement, character-focused education, and education focused on the development of innate talents and aptitudes for students who may have to drop out or are maladjusted and those who want to receive education that fits their personal traits.

As of now, there are four alternative schools providing experience-based education, vocational education or applied musical education so that children of North Korean defectors and multicultural students can adjust to living in South Korea.

The Superintendent of Seoul has installed or designated over 40 public schools and private alternative educational institutions, fit to provide commissioned education, as alternative commissioned educational institutions, and provides support so that the children of North Korean defectors and multicultural students can continue their schoolwork through psychotherapy, vocational education, art, music and physical education, and character development. Also, individual schools are making efforts to improve students’ ability to adapt to school by operating alternative classrooms.