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Principal Policies

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Innovative Education towards the Future for the Happiness of All

Policy Directions

Creative Education: Cultivating intellect, sensibility and character
Responsible Education: Maximizing the potential of every student
Assuring Education: Ensuring safety and trust
Fitting Administration: Communicating and supporting
Participative Education: Cooperating with students, teachers, parents and citizens


Classrooms full of questions
Schools with friendships
Life-cultivating Education

Key Objectives
  • Educational Competencies and Values
    • Strengthening the competencies of general high schools and developing a balance amongst high schools
    • Improvement and diversification of innovative schools
    • Enhancement of ‘global citizenship education’ focused on coexistence and mutual growth
  • Educational Welfare and Public Services
    • Expanding and strengthening customized career and vocational education
    • Increasing support for early childhood education and reinforcing publicness
    • Reducing the education gap by means of an ‘egalitarian school budget system’
  • Educational Cooperation and Culture
    • Building ‘community co-op schools’ in cooperation with local communities
    • Expanding the number of ‘innovative educational districts’ by cooperating with local governments
    • Fostering a peaceful and human rights-friendly school culture
  • Educational Administration and System
    • Simplifying teachers’ tasks and enhancing their expertise
    • Eradication of educational corruption and creating an empathic administrative culture
    • Improving the educational environment and building a system that ensures the safety of students