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District Offices

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District Offices of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education

According to Article 34 and 35 of the Local Education Autonomy Act, 11 District Education Offices have been established within Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, each of which has jurisdiction over 2 or 3 districts of 25 autonomous districts in Seoul.

Key role of the district office is to establish and execute regional education plans and to assist educational
activities by playing the intermediary role between the Seoul office and each school.

District Education Offices are commissioned to "guide and supervise the operation and management of public
and private kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and other equivalent schools" and
to perform other duties stipulated in administrative regulations, on the Superintendent's request.

In addition, all the education community members in District Education Offices are striving towards the common educational goal of student development and overall improvement in quality of education.

District Offices of Seoul Metropolitan Office of EducationImg