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SMOE Timeline

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Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) Timeline

  • 2010~Now
  • 2000~2009
  • 1990~1999
  • 1950~1989
history List
Oct. 2, 1956 Seoul Board of Education inaugurated (2 bureaus, 7 divisions).
Nov. 24, 1956 Mr. Kim Younghoon took office as the 1st Superintendent.
May. 16, 1961 The Board of Education dissolved.
Jan. 13, 1962 Education Autonomy Policy abolished. Absorbed into Seoul Metropolitan Government as Bureau of Education.
Jan. 1, 1964 Education Autonomy Policy and Seoul Board of Education re-established with 2 bureaus and 7 divisions.
Dec. 30, 1972 District offices of education established (Dongbu, Seobu, Nambu, Bukbu). The position of Vice-Superintendent and two divisions(physical Education and Administrative Finance) created (2 bureaus, 9 divisions).
Feb. 27, 1980 Two district offices of education (Jungbu, Gangnam) established.
Feb. 23, 1983 Dongjak district office of education established.
Sep. 3, 1987 Two district offices of education (Gangdong, Gangseo) established.